Post Hole Division (PhD, The Hole Doctors)

Services Offered

Optimal Digging

We will dig below the frost line and the width of the holes will be determined by the posts required for the structure

Difficult Digging

Difficult Digging is for holes that are in ground and soils that have excessive debris. This debris can include thick tree roots, clay, rocks and any other debris. The cost for these holes is $45 per hole, minimum of 10 holes. Please call us for a free consultation if you think you might have this type of terrain.

Layout and String

We will layout, level and position the posts for any project including, decks, fences, pergolas, gazebos etc. This service is $165 per hour, please inquire for more information or a free consultation.

Set Sonotube

We can set these for you at $5 per hole if you supply the materials, minimum of 10 holes. Send us a message for more information.

Set Posts in Concrete

We will DIG below the frost line and set your posts in concrete. The cost for this service is $15 per hole (supplies and concrete provided by you) with a minimum of 10 holes.

Dirt Removal

Whatever size your project may be, large or small, we can remove the dirt for a flat fee. We can also remove any excess dirt after the posts are inserted. Give us a call for pricing.

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