About Us


As recipients of the Trusted Pros Contractor of the Year Award for bathrooms, kitchens, and decks (2017), CHIZLD Design & Construction is committed to designing and building the highest quality projects.


Our specialties include:

General Contracting & Project Management

Renovations & Additions

Eco & Sustainable Building

CAD Designs & Blueprints

General & Custom Carpentry

Restorations of Old Buildings

Complete Builds

What We Do

Complete Project Management (design phase through to project completion)

Manage Subtrades

Apply for Permits

Acquire Materials as Needed


Not only are the results of each and every project outstanding, we are also committed to making your renovation or building experience an enjoyable one!  Being very genuine in our approach, we like to build long-lasting relationships with all of our clients.  We are respectful of your time and your needs, and we well do our utmost to ensure that you are more than “just satisfied” with the final product.  Repeat customers, and an abundance of referrals confirm that we are on the right track!


Founded in 2007 by Scott McDowell, and named after his grandfather, Alexander Chisholm, CHIZLD Design & Construction was launched in Milton, Ontario.

CHIZLD’s very first job was working with a master carpenter on a renovation project for the well-renowned singer-songwriter, Tom Cochrane, and his family in Oakville, Ontario.  This was the home that Scott had assisted in being built 15 years earlier.  The Cochranes’ glowing testimonial, along with many others to follow, secured the confidence of prospective clients and allowed this company to flourish.

As CHIZLD continued to gain even more traction, Scott joined forces with red sealed carpenter, Galen McCue in 2016, who became an equal partner of the company.  In 2017, they moved the business to London, ON.  Both highly skilled craftsmen and true carpenters, the skills they each bring to the table create a perfectly balanced blend.

Scott McDowell, Owner

Scott is a true entrepreneur with a brilliant and creative mind.  He is a genuine person with solid values, morals, and extremely high expectations.  He is a straight-shooter and is very trustworthy. 


Scott earned his diploma from Sheridan College and has been very fortunate to have had a wide variety of work experiences that have contributed to his incredible ability to fix or build just about anything.  His passion for creating, designing, crafting, and especially for eco and sustainable building is infectious!  His artistry and attention to detail is top-notch. 


Scott takes great pride in his own workmanship, this company, and creating a legacy of the importance of striving for excellence and promoting true craftsmanship which he hopes to pass on to future generations.


Galen McCue, RSE, Owner

Galen is an extremely talented Carpenter, with a diploma from Conestoga College, and has obtained his Red Seal Carpenter Journeyman status.  He is a kind and generous person with strong core values and is a wonderful Dad to boot!  He is very approachable, has a great sense of humour, and always puts forth a ‘can do’ attitude.


Galen brings creativity, tremendous work ethic, as well as a logical and analytical approach to each and every project.  He is extremely organized, competent, and gets the job done in an efficient manner.  He is committed to the highest standards of quality workmanship and attention to detail that make CHIZLD a highly desirable company.


Galen is not only committed to ensuring each project reflects excellence, but also to growing CHIZLD and taking this company to new heights!





  • Carpenter, Journeyman Status
  • HVAC TAB/ Commissioning Professional
  • Honors in CAD-CAD/CAM institute, Sheridan College
  • BCIN accreditation (pending)
  • Certified Installer of ICF (Quadlock)
  • Fall-Arrest/Working at Heights Certified
  • Timber Framers Guild Member
  • Natural Building Coalition Member

  • Red Seal Carpenter, Journeyman Status
  • Certified Installer of ICF Quadlock
  • Supervisory Courses
  • Timber Framing Courses
  • Fall Arrest/Working at Heights Certified
  • Schluter Certified Installer
  • Timber Framers Guild Member
  • Natural Building Coalition Member

Why Choose Us?

We are well known for our creative and innovative approach, as well as our ability to find solutions to challenging projects.

We pride ourselves on keeping the job site meticulously clean throughout the entire project. We go as far as using plastic zip walls and negative-pressure fans to keep all dust and debris within the construction zone.

Our time management is a top priority.

We always work 'with' Mother Nature when designing/building our projects. ``You can't stop her, but you can create a path for her and direct her where to go. If you don't take her into consideration, she will always rain on your party!``