Client Experience

It’s always nice to know what to expect when gearing up for a construction project.  It is an exciting time, and if you plan for it, things tend to go very smoothly.


Do your research.

Find pictures of what you like and be prepared to share them. Have a vision for what you want, and pick your finishes. The more information you have, the less time and money it will cost to create your vision. Determine your budget for the project. Call us to set up a meeting.


At our first meeting on site, we can give you a free ESTIMATE

Finalize your design: a fee is attached to the design if we create it for you (this allows you to keep it and use it as a fair template for all bidding contractors). If you choose us, a firm and detailed quote will be given. Sign a contract -- a deposit of 40% is due at this time.


Prep Work

Prepare a space for recycling and dump trailer or bin. Ensure clear access to the work site. Equal draws will be made after the 40% deposit. Enjoy the process...including a clean work site, accommodations for any of your special needs/requests, the chance to review each days' work and have input and/or make changes as needed.


Feast on your beautifully finished project!

Kindly leave us a review to post on our website. Final payment is due upon completion.