Have you noticed that the quality of ‘new builds’ is significantly lower quality than the homes built 50+ years ago?  

These older homes were built to truly stand the test of time due to higher quality materials being used, as well as superior crafstmanship and attention to detail. We are passionate about working on these types of homes as we uphold and usually exceed the high standards of the original builders.

We truly believe that modern day carpenters have the ability to “go back in time” to learn the traditional master home building trade of carpentry.  Here at CHIZLD, we take pride in the quality of our workmanship that rivals the quality of the past.

It’s CHIZLD’s desire to maintain this level of craftsmanship from past generations and continue to restore these majestic homes to their former glory.  Our team’s combined experience gives CHIZLD the unique ability to foresee potential issues so that we can more accurately quote our jobs and complete your project with minimal surprises.

Before Porch Restoration