General Contracting

The Benefits of Hiring a Contractor:

More Product Options at a Better Quality and Price

A professional contractor is able to deal directly with suppliers who carry the most varied selection and highest quality products.

Location, Location, Location!

Do you love your neighbourhood, but live in a dated home? Many homeowners prefer renovating to relocating.

No Homeowner Troubleshooting

Hire a knowledgeable contracting expert to avoid any Do-It-Yourself mishaps to your home's structure, electrical, or plumbing. DIY accidents can happen, and often the homeowner is stuck with the additional costs of having to hire a professional to correct the issue and finish the project.

Peace of Mind

A contractor is able to finish the job within a specific timeline and ensure that all details are completed correctly. While you are away at your own job, CHIZLD Contractors are always busy working on your home and ensuring complete compliance with applicable building codes at all times.


Renovating can add value and offer big paybacks if you are looking to sell in the near future.