Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations

Hate cleaning your bathroom? 3 Simple Decisions You Can Make During Your Renovation To Make Cleaning Easier for Life!


How many times have you been tidying up for company to come over, or doing your regular cleaning, and out of the corner of your eye you see that GROSS reddish ring that builds up around your faucet? You also notice that same ring around the edge of your sink, where it meets the countertop.

THEN you notice as you’re cleaning your shower, that the corner where your floor meets the curb of the shower you have DIRTY GROUT?! You keep your home clean, so why does your bathroom always end up with these signs of neglect? One really simple way to deal with these issues is to eliminate the problem…

The reason the ring around your faucets and sinks builds up is because water from your wet hands rolls down the sides and pools at the seam where it meets your counter top. This pool of water is a breeding ground for bacteria, which ultimately leaves you with a grungy ring. So what do you do?
Well when you renovate you bathroom consider a  wall mount faucet, so there’s no pooling of water and no bacteria building up in those wet seams. This solution is practical, but also BEAUTIFUL!

You can also have your contractor install under-mount sinks. They cost about the same amount as over-mount sinks, but offer you the ability to wipe the water into the sink. Any water wiped into the sink will end up down your drain, so it wont pool around the over-mount rim.

NO water pooling = NO bacteria build-up = NO mess!

The above-mentioned solutions are very cost effective and offer a bathroom vanity that’s super easy to clean. Now to tackle your shower…

The corners in the curb of your shower will never be easy to clean. You can add silicone caulking, you can bleach them, you can try to push your scrub brush into them as much as you want, but they will always be the first part of your shower to get that gross build-up. So how do you prevent this?

Get a “curb-less” shower!

This solution is heavily dependent on the layout of your bathroom and the building codes you’re willing to put up with, but if you can front the extra cash for this solution, DO IT!

One shower we put into our client’s house in 2019 shows this creative and contemporary solution to the nasty curb.

They had to dig into the concrete foundation to add the plumbing anyways, so we dug a bit further to be able to offer this sloped shower pan that is built into the floor so that the tile meshes perfectly with the rest of the floor. We also combined it with a trough drain to complete the seamless look. Now they can mop right into their shower without pushing water into those corners.

If you’re considering renovating your bathroom let us know your biggest pet-peeves when it comes to your regular cleaning routine, and we can find creative solutions to solve all your problems!

For another cool solution to a common issue in the bathroom, see our post about using tile for your baseboards and get a closer look at the solution we came up with for this curbless shower to prevent water damage! Bet you didn’t even notice that the baseboard was made of tile…here is a close up shot!

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